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Thread: Auto On, Auto Off

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    Auto On, Auto Off

    I'm hoping I can get some help setting up my computer to start automatically and shut itself down automatically.

    It seems the only way to auto start is from the BIOS. The machine I want to do this on is relatively old (was running Windows 98 ) - would a computer from around this time period have this capability? The BIOS 'program' is titled CMOS Setup Utility, if anyone happens to be familiar with that. It does have a wake-on-LAN function.. but I haven't gotten it to standby yet. This seems to be what I need to do to set that up, though.

    I have tried setting up a crontab to shut the pc down but to no avail. I entered all of the information, and it saved OK. Was there something else I needed to do to tell the system to enact the crontab?

    Gshutdown didn't work for me either. I got a black screen with some text.

    Thank you, thank you. This community helped me so much in getting that pc set up and doing everything I wanted it to (home server). I think is the last element I want to fine tune (I don't want the machine running 24/7 right now).
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