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Thread: Facebook Chat vs AIM/MSN/Google talk, etc

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    Re: Facebook Chat vs AIM/MSN/Google talk, etc

    Quote Originally Posted by Maheriano View Post
    I absolutely refuse to use Facebook chat. I have over 30 unread chat messages and I haven't even opened them to see what they say, I don't care. If people want to talk to me they can phone me. My computer's a tool for work so when I'm done work, I'm done on the computer.
    I'm right there with you. My cellphone and Skype are my means of verbal communication. I think eventually Skype will take over my cellphone usage; as it is, I leave my phone in my car when I'm going into public places.

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    Re: Facebook Chat vs AIM/MSN/Google talk, etc


    Mark Zuckerberg and his intrusive datamining can go to hell.

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