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Thread: Coarse/Unusable Display on Ubuntu 12.04

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    Question Coarse/Unusable Display on Ubuntu 12.04

    Coarse/Unusable Display on Ubuntu 12.04

    I would be grateful for some advice. My machine runs Ubuntu 12.04 from a CD, but becomes virtually unusable when I install 12.04 to hard disk.

    I run Ubuntu 10.04 and everything works well. I have a display which works at 1024x768, ratio 4:3. I do not have any special video effects enabled but I am happy with the system.

    When I try Ubuntu 12.04 from CD, it looks good. My display works as before.

    However, when I install 12.04 on to my hard disk, the display degrades,

    When I first load 12.04, I am told to restart the system to start enjoying my new OS. I do so, and the monitor displays “INVALID FORMAT”. After a short delay, I get a login screen but it looks very coarse.
    When I login I get the Unity display. I check the system settings. My display is working at 640x480 and no other setting is permitted. (The background is set at 1920x1280 – I do not know what this signifies.) I am also told that I have a LAPTOP. Again, I don't know if this is important but I can't change it anyway. I don't know what my old 10.04 system said about background.

    I did note that a proprietary driver, NVIDIA accelerator graphics driver 173 is in use. I disabled this but this did not help – it seemed to make no difference whatsoever.

    My system is

    Athlon 64 X2 265 Processor Dual Core
    ASRock N686-S UCC Motherboard with built-in NVIDIA GEForce 702.5, DX9
    I have 2GB of memory.

    My monitor? I use a HD TV screen. (I have also tried another screen – a dedicated computer monitor – with exactly the same results.

    I am sure that this system should run 12.04 - it does so from the Cd - how do I get it to work from the hard drive?

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    Re: Coarse/Unusable Display on Ubuntu 12.04

    You might want to read and try this post:
    I'm thinking about it

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