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Thread: Where is the gdm.conf in Ubuntu 9.10?

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    Where is the gdm.conf in Ubuntu 9.10?

    I have been working on building a VNC server setup where a user can connect, and is shown the GDM greeter and they can log in and out just like a local user. I have gotten the VNC part to work fine, but when I connect, I get the blank grey X screen.

    My reasoning for this is because the guides I have looked at ask me to edit the file /etc/gdm/gdm.conf. This file does not exist in my filesystem. I have even done searches for the file, and it does not appear in any other directory. I have tried to create the file but the changes are not applied.

    Has the file been removed, replaced, or changed names?
    I really need to be able to make the changes that this file allows to be made.

    I have been using Ubuntu for 3 years and I rarely need to pose questions to the forums, but this one has me completely stumped.

    My system runs Ubuntu server 9.10, a fairly fresh install. [less than 2 weeks old]

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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