I have my mom's old Toshiba Satellite M-55, and I really want to try to install Ubuntu with it. I first tried using Ubuntu 9.10, then Kubuntu, then Ubuntu Notebook Remix, all of them failed with it came to formatting the hard drive.

Well, recently, i bought to book, "Hacking: The art of exploitation 2nd ed.", and guess what came on it, a slightly modified version of Ubuntu 7.04. I tried to install it on the old M-55, but I got the same error that I did for the new versions of Ubuntu.

I really want to get the 7.04 version installed because I don't want to have to live boot the CD each time I want to use the book.

If it helps, the installer says that the hard drive in the old Toshiba is a:

SCSI1 (0,0,0)(sda) - 100.0 GB ATA FUJITSU MHV2100A

What is kinda weird about the computer is that my WinXP SP2 Install disk will install windows on the old Toshiba.