Hi guys i could really do with some help at this and am really starting to get stressed!!
All i set out to do was to install UNR with windows 7 as a dual boot.
I just got a new Asus eee pc netbook and had no idea it would be soo hard!
When i installed it on my desktop a while ago it was so easy.
I first downloaded the iso and made a bootable usb stick.
I then ran ubuntu "live" from there i went install.
My netbook came with two partitions on C: which had win 7(100gb) on and D135gb) which was empty. I only wanted linux on about 50 gb. So i when i got to the prepare disk space (step 4 of 6) i chose "specify partitions advanced".
I then made the D: partition smaller to 50gb which left around 70 gb unused . I then clicked on /dev/sda2 the 50gb partition and then go forward a message says "no root file system is defined"!!!
I really dont know what to do!

Then i tried using Wubi which seemed to work well however when i select the nbr partition it comes up with a black page headed
"Gnu Gnome Grub version 1.97 beta 4"
Please help me i really need a step by step in really easy terms!
Thank you so much!