I've been having an issue with suspending when I have an external hard drive plugged into my USB port.
This issue began when I upgraded to Karmic 9.10 a few months ago.

If I try to suspend (or hibernate) and the drive is mounted, the screen will go black and I'll see a blinking cursor, and about a minute later a strange error message will pop up (if needed I can recreate the error and write it down) complaining about I/O blocks and maybe FAT something.

Then I can sometimes sorta fix the problem by using alt-F1 or alt-F7 but my computer runs terribly and usually freezes after that if I don't restart.

I can avoid this issue by manually unmounting the drive before suspend but it's sort of a rub when I forget to do so and suspend fails.

My error might be similar to this one:

But I tried that hack and it did not fix my problem. (I suppose I could try harder.)

Much thanks to anyone who can help out!

Oh, my specs:
Lenovo T500 ThinkPad notebook running Ubuntu 9.10
Samsung 500GB USB drive (HXMU050DA/M22) using NTFS I believe (Properties says "Filesystem type: msdos")