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Thread: xrandr and matrox dualhead2go

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    xrandr and matrox dualhead2go

    Hi everyone,

    I have read, but am still unsure if I can use xrandr to do what I need.

    I am using a Matrox Dualhead2go, which connects into my laptop's HDMI port and presents itself to the video card as a very wide 2560x1024 screen.

    Can I use xrandr to tell Xorg that (what Xorg thinks is) a 2560x1024 screen is in reality two separate monitors?

    I need to do this so that, eg, maximizing a window to "full screen" maximizes to be 1280x1024, rather than spanning it over the entire two screens.

    Thank you for any help!


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    Cool Re: xrandr and matrox dualhead2go

    I 2nd Lara's report. I'm running Lucid 10.4 and detects both monitors using the Matrox DH2Go signal as one big monitor, but only in Failsafe. At least this is what Administration/Multiple Screens option shows. Only difference in my case vs Lara's is I don't have a problem with maximizing to both screens, but the only way my system displays properly is in FailSafe.

    I've ruled out hardware, since I have XP on a its primary partition and dual screens work fine there full 2560x1024. I refuse to rely on Microsoft for dual screens. So...what's the skinny on that Xorg or Conf file that needs editing to fix this?

    System: Dell Optiplex GX620
    RAM: 1GB
    80GB FreeSpace on SATA II drive
    CoreDue 3.2
    Video: Onboard Intel Integrated Media Accelerator 950 [GMA950] 512MB

    Thanks in advanced guys.
    - Scribe

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