I have an old (8, 9 years old?) Dell laptop that's been running XP since it got here. It's gotten extremely slow in the past years so I figured, since I didn't use it much and don't care much about it anyways, I might as well install Ubuntu on it and mess around in it. I burned the 9.10 ISO on disk and, upon entering the Live Session, it gave me a warning, 'Disk Has Many Bad Sectors'. I opened it up and clicked on more information. All the assessments are good except for two:
Reallocated Sector, Normalized: 100, Worst: 100, Threshold: 24, Value: 327691 sector
Current Pending Sector Count, Normalized: 92, Worst: 91, Threshold:0, Value: 9 sectors.
My hard drive is an ATA FUJITSU MHT2030AT.

I was wondering if:
a. Is this of critical importance? Can I still install Ubuntu and run it fine without much in the way of problems?
b. Is there a way to fix it? Even partly, if there's a possibility I could fix the sectors please post!

All I want to be able to do on this computer is use Open Office, view PDFs, and listen to music.

Thanks! If there's anything I can clear up, just ask.