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Thread: ATI Mobility M6 LY, broken in Karmic?

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    Cool ATI Mobility M6 LY, broken in Karmic? [SOLVED]

    Well I purposefully never upgraded my laptop (Thinkpad R40, with the card in the topic) mainly because I had the compiz working fine. I decided that I was going to go ahead with the upgrade though, mainly because I am in that kind of a mood, heh.

    Anyway, it seems that the FGLRX drivers are completely broken, and the open-source RADEON drivers enable, but just give me unusable graphical glitches, screen redraw, etc. I have tried doing everything I could think of, scouring the forums. Right now I am running with MESA in 2d, and it's usuable. I miss my compiz though.

    I was surprised to see that xorg.conf is completely not needed now? How is one to change the drivers and settings now? Is it all done via the kernel? I also tried using EnvyNG in text mode, it appeared to installed the FGLRX drivers correctly, but on boot, it goes to a "low graphics mode" and is unusable. Anyone who can help or at least point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated!
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