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Thread: Nvidia d video doesn't work

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    SOLVED - Nvidia video driver doesn't work

    Hello Everyone,
    this time I really need your help. I'm new to Ubuntu (just two months) and I describe the situation as good as I can.


    Laptop: Aspire 5935G

    What happened:
    1) I wanted to install compiz (3d desktop...), downloaded it and then I was asked to install Nvidia accellerated graphics driver (Version 185)
    2) I installed the drivers and at the restart, everything loads ( I can hear the startup music) but the screen is just black (no way to enter into the terminal with ALT-F1)

    SO.....I probably messed up the situation even more

    3) I looked around internet and I saw that I coould try:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but it just DO NOTHING

    4) I made sudo apt-get purge compiz*

    5) I decided to further risk trying:
    sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
    sudo apt-get purge xorg*

    But really nothing changed. Now I'm using the live CD, since I'm not able to enter in the GRUB menu anymore (by the way why is it so fast!!!???). I was wondering:

    a) How can I backup all my data? Just copy-paste the /media/allstrangestuffmountedhere to an external hard-ddrive?
    b) The Live CD settings works, can I export them on the system?

    Hope someone can help, from monday I need to work again and I'm really worried!


    For now I've found a solution:


    a) My folder on the PC is: /media/2342423483749749/home/my_folder

    b) So I went to: "cd /media/2342423483749749/home/my_folder"

    c) And after that "sudo chmod -R 777 my_folder" (in this way I had the permission to enter and copy)

    d) I copied from HardDisk to external harddrive (all my data are safe!!)


    A) Go, from the live CD, in "/media/2342423483749749/etc/"

    B) "sudo chmod -R 777 X11" (In this way you can change and move your video setting files in your Ubuntu - the one installed on the system)

    C) Copy them in a New Folder just to be sure

    D) Go, from the live CD, in "/etc/" (the live CD folder for etc)

    E) "sudo chmod -R 777 X11" (so you can copy these files)

    F) Copy the files from the live CD settings "/etc/X11" to your Hard Disk folder "/media/2342423483749749/etc/X11 (in this way you just tell to use the default settings)

    This worked for me, I'm a newbie and don't really know why it works, I just know it does for me . Hope can help someone
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    Re: Nvidia d video doesn't work

    Are you sure you're not using the intel driver with this method? do you have nvidia-settings installed? does it say you are using the nvidia card?

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