Ok, I've tried a million things and read a million forum posts but I can't seem to get anything to work...Here's what happened:

I originally had Windows Vista Home Premium edition on my Sony Vaio VGN-NR498E but a couple months ago it crashed after installing some of Microsoft's glorious updates. So, a friend gave me an Unbuntu 9.10 disc and i saved all of my files and then partitioned just a few GBs of the old Windows info and the rest for Unbuntu (which I installed).

Fastforward to now. I obtained a Windows 7 Ultimate disc and was attempting to install it, instead of Ubuntu (nothing against Linux, I just wanted to go with Windows since I have a Zune and need that software). I inserted the disc and the setup installation started but then a prompt appeared that led me to delete the partitions. It kept approximately 100 MB aside for Windows (or so it claimed).

Once deleted, the 7 installation began but then froze at 11%. So I removed the disc, and now when I try to put it back in, it doesn't read the disc at all. I get a black command prompt screen but can't do anything in it at all. The disc will sound like it is trying to be read but nothing happens. I put the Ubuntu Live CD in and assessed the partitions, reformatted it to NTFS.

Still nothing would work. So I (sort of blindly) did some reading and found about Super Grub Disk. I've tried that (and a million combinations of various actions throughout the interface) but nothing seemed to work. I got many Error 6 messages.

So I reinstalled Ubuntu and that works fine again, but still no luck with a USB installation or DVD installation of Windows 7. I'm assuming when I deleted the old partitioning, I deleted something to do with my computer's ability to boot or comprehend anything Windows related.

Like I said, I've tried just about everything I can think of and I'm beginning to lose my mind. Please, please....does anybody know what I could possibly do to fix the issue? I basically just want my computer to be wiped clean, and be capable of reading a Windows installation disc, and BOOM, have a functioning laptop once again...