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Thread: iPod Touch/iPhone long title scrolling

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    iPod Touch/iPhone long title scrolling

    This is something that has annoyed me ever since the iPhone and iPod touch were released. If you have a song with a long title, album name or artist name, there's absolutely no way to see it on the device.

    Clearly, the obvious solution is to scroll the text around, like nearly every other self respecting player would do (including Apple's other iPods, ridiculously enough).

    Does anyone else find this annoying, or is it just me?!

    (In the hope that it is not just me, I've created a petition:
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    Re: iPod Touch/iPhone long title scrolling

    sorry i dun got i-anything, so i cant really see the flaw
    would b cool if u could submit it as a papercut on apples website and not as an external petition
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