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Thread: WUBI not working under Windows 7

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    WUBI not working under Windows 7

    How hard i try, i cannot seem to get ubuntu dual booted under windows 7. I'm pretty dissapointed in the fact that i simply does not work, as i have tried the same 6months ago. Initially i installed Ubuntu on an external HDD, on partition number 3. Ubuntu would show up in the Windows Boot Manager but after clicking it i simply got:

    Windows failed to start
    file: \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr
    status: 0xc000000e
    application could not load. Corrupt or missing.

    So i uninstalled, and guessed that maybe the external USB hdd was the problem. So i installed it on my secundary hdd. Now, it wont even show the windows boot manager and goes striaght to 7. I have tried burning a live dvd but for some reason, when the dvd is booted and im in the Menu, i cannot click anything. Except for looking at the additional options and modes. I want ubuntu really bad, but for some reasons the gods have decided that it shouldnt work. I am wondering on how to get ubuntu on my system.

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    Re: WUBI not working under Windows 7


    Did you follow these instructions

    As far as usb hdd some work, and some don't for booting. And wubi instructions here.

    Note wubi and dual-boot are far different install methods.



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