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I prefer the Meercat (10,10), I've tried 11.4 and i'm not too sure I like Unity (just old-fashioned). I'll get used to it eventually. I'm also having a problem connecting to my wi-fi through this upgrade and eventually admitted defeat and re-installed my previous edition (10.10) again. Any help would be good since I do need to move on though I fancy Windows 3 and Firefox 4 is cool too! I might dual boot this main PC with Linux Mint 11 when it comes out as I want to use Libre-office and firefox4 again!
Hey TB:

Unity is for windows users basically. It is no sweat to just switch back to Gnome ,
That is what I did and I like 11.04 now. As far as Libre Office my experience with it so far is it is a slightly fancier version of Abiword.
In my book nothing comes close to Softmaker . It does everything, actually is compatible with MS Office , is lightning fast ,the Softmaker Presentations {Power Point alternate} is hands down superior to MS and OO. it even does animations inside the slides, The 2008 version is free and the only drawback I see is you have to use a seperate converter for .docx files. The 2010 version is 70.00 for 3 licenses and it does docx. Neither does .pub but I never used that program anyway.