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Thread: Firewall & ports

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    Firewall & ports

    I'm having a bit of trouble setting my firewall on my Ubuntu server. Gufw is set as follows:

    By default Deny


    Ubuntu nmap output:

    mattserv@mattserv-server:~$ sudo nmap
    Starting Nmap 5.00 ( ) at 2010-03-17 21:40 MST
    Interesting ports on mattserv-server (
    Not shown: 994 closed ports
    21/tcp open ftp
    135/tcp open msrpc
    139/tcp open netbios-ssn
    445/tcp open microsoft-ds
    1024/tcp open kdm
    5900/tcp open vnc

    Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.41 seconds

    and windows nmap output:

    Starting Nmap 5.21 ( ) at 2010-03-17 21:52 US Mountain Standard Time

    Nmap scan report for matt-vaio (

    Host is up.

    rDNS record for Matt-VAIO

    7/tcp unknown echo
    9/tcp unknown discard
    13/tcp unknown daytime
    21/tcp unknown ftp
    22/tcp unknown ssh
    23/tcp unknown telnet
    25/tcp unknown smtp
    26/tcp unknown rsftp
    37/tcp unknown time
    53/tcp unknown domain
    79/tcp unknown finger
    80/tcp unknown http
    81/tcp unknown hosts2-ns
    88/tcp unknown kerberos-sec
    106/tcp unknown pop3pw
    110/tcp unknown pop3
    111/tcp unknown rpcbind
    113/tcp unknown auth
    119/tcp unknown nntp
    135/tcp unknown msrpc
    139/tcp unknown netbios-ssn
    143/tcp unknown imap
    144/tcp unknown news
    179/tcp unknown bgp
    199/tcp unknown smux
    389/tcp unknown ldap
    427/tcp unknown svrloc
    443/tcp unknown https
    444/tcp unknown snpp
    445/tcp unknown microsoft-ds
    465/tcp unknown smtps
    513/tcp unknown login
    514/tcp unknown shell
    515/tcp unknown printer
    543/tcp unknown klogin
    544/tcp unknown kshell
    548/tcp unknown afp
    554/tcp unknown rtsp
    587/tcp unknown submission
    631/tcp unknown ipp
    646/tcp unknown ldp
    873/tcp unknown rsync
    990/tcp unknown ftps
    993/tcp unknown imaps
    995/tcp unknown pop3s
    1025/tcp unknown NFS-or-IIS
    1026/tcp unknown LSA-or-nterm
    1027/tcp unknown IIS
    1028/tcp unknown unknown
    1029/tcp unknown ms-lsa
    1110/tcp unknown nfsd-status
    1433/tcp unknown ms-sql-s
    1720/tcp unknown H.323/Q.931
    1723/tcp unknown pptp
    1755/tcp unknown wms
    1900/tcp unknown upnp
    2000/tcp unknown cisco-sccp
    2001/tcp unknown dc
    2049/tcp unknown nfs
    2121/tcp unknown ccproxy-ftp
    2717/tcp unknown unknown
    3000/tcp unknown ppp
    3128/tcp unknown squid-http
    3306/tcp unknown mysql
    3389/tcp unknown ms-term-serv
    3986/tcp unknown mapper-ws_ethd
    4899/tcp unknown radmin
    5000/tcp unknown upnp
    5009/tcp unknown airport-admin
    5051/tcp unknown ida-agent
    5060/tcp unknown sip
    5101/tcp unknown admdog
    5190/tcp unknown aol
    5357/tcp unknown unknown
    5432/tcp unknown postgresql
    5631/tcp unknown pcanywheredata
    5666/tcp unknown nrpe
    5800/tcp unknown vnc-http
    5900/tcp unknown vnc
    6000/tcp unknown X11
    6001/tcp unknown X11:1
    6646/tcp unknown unknown
    7070/tcp unknown realserver
    8000/tcp unknown http-alt
    8008/tcp unknown http
    8009/tcp unknown ajp13
    8080/tcp unknown http-proxy
    8081/tcp unknown blackice-icecap
    8443/tcp unknown https-alt
    8888/tcp unknown sun-answerbook
    9100/tcp unknown jetdirect
    9999/tcp unknown abyss
    10000/tcp unknown snet-sensor-mgmt
    32768/tcp unknown unknown
    49152/tcp unknown unknown
    49153/tcp unknown unknown
    49154/tcp unknown unknown
    49155/tcp unknown unknown
    49156/tcp unknown unknown
    49157/tcp unknown unknown

    I am not able to see the linux box on the network or map a drive in Windows7 when the firewall is on; everything is OK when the firewall is off. I have a few extra ports open on the firewall in my attempts to fix this, and it seems that there are alot of ports in use on my windows machine. Any suggestions on optimizing my setup?

    Thanks much,

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    Re: Firewall & ports


    I think the reason you can't see your Linux box from your Windows box is because you have opened the ports all as TCP and at least 2 of them should be udp.

    Just let me google:

    Here are the ports:

    Port 135/TCP - used by smbd
    Port 137/UDP - used by nmbd
    Port 138/UDP - used by nmbd
    Port 139/TCP - used by smbd
    Port 445/TCP - used by smbd
    Scroll down to the section Using a Firewall

    So I think you need to allow UDP on 137, 138.

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    Re: Firewall & ports

    yep - opening those two ports UDP was the solution. Thanks again for the link and your help.


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    Re: Firewall & ports

    Interesting. The only ports I have open on my Linux box running Samba are 139 and 445, and both are TCP.

    I opened 139, so I could ping the box.
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