I want to use a single board computer... First one people think of is the Raspberry pi but I have seen more powerful boards that are more open source. Can't remember what the one I like is right now but I know it used an A9 arm processor. Want a touch screen (so it can be tablet like) want it to have a keyboard of some type, I like both the yoga and surface form factor but I want Linux not winblows. Also I want wifi, bluetooth, irda if I can, and low power consumption. Love to be able to choose how much battery it has so if I am going to be away from a power source for a long time I can have more battery cell, and if there is only a slight chance of being away then have less cells. Or maybe multibattery connections. Really like lipo batteries over what most laptops have. Also thinking if I need big iron setting up a beowulf cluster server at home and send what needs worked on to it. Also a silly feature I would like to see is a pico projector built in.

I know pipe dream stuff but what do you think? Any advice on moving forward?