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Thread: run imovie in ubuntu

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    Exclamation run imovie in ubuntu

    Is there anyway to run i movie that was created for mac on Ubuntu, I have already downloaded the software I just have to get it to run on Ubuntu. Will it work with wine ?

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    Re: run imovie in ubuntu

    No, unfortunately no Mac software works on Ubuntu as far as I know. Wine will only work with Windows software, so you're out of luck.

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    Re: run imovie in ubuntu

    Unless you can find an analog to WINE for Apple, I don't think you will be able to do this easily.

    However, you may be able to use a virtual machine (VirtualBox, for instance, but don't use the OSE version in the repos since it does not support USB. For that, you will have to install the PUEL version from But that would require a second licensed copy of your OS.

    It is possible that there is an open source player (much like amipod or gtkpod for iPods), but that might take some searching.
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    Re: run imovie in ubuntu

    You could try using other software like imovie such as kino ( dont know if it have all the features but you could give it a try.
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