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Thread: Blank Screen & Other Oddities

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    Wink Re: Blank Screen & Other Oddities

    When the grub menu appears at boot, are you able to select the recovery mode option and get in? After selecting recovery mode, a little menu will come up - select the one that says something like root console.

    If so:

    cd /etc/pam.d

    nano gdm

    remove the line as suggested

    hold down CTRL and press the O (that's "oh" key)

    hold down CTRL and press the X key to exit

    shutdown -r now

    You don't need to use "sudo" if you get in via recovery mode as it logs you in as a root user anyway.


    EDIT: Additionally, you may want to boot the LiveCD you installed from, be sure the existing partition is mounted, and just use sudo gedit to edit the gdm file on your existing partition. You would have no problems with authentification as long as you run from the LiveCD to do so.
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