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Thread: How to backup certain settings

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    How to backup certain settings

    I reinstall my system very frecuently, and I was wondering if there is a file where some gnome settings are stored, so I can just backup it, and have all my settings like they were before reinstalling.

    -Icons on the top panel.
    -Keyboard Shortcuts
    -Power Management
    -Keyboard Layout settings.

    I know I could have /home on another partition, but I'd rather backup only the settings I mentioned above, and have the rest of my /home cleaned.

    Also, Is there a way to setup SCIM as the default IME using a command?

    Thanks, I'm using Karmic Koala.

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    Re: How to backup certain settings

    If you reinstall frequently for tests, you should do it in VirtualBox.

    look into the hidden files your /home, you should see folders of known applications (.mozilla for Firefox , etc.)

    Try to save&restore just the following:



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