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Thread: Need Help New To linux

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    Unhappy Need Help New To linux

    Here`s my problem.I installed ubuntu 9.10 then i updated it 9.12.I`ve been trying to install the driver for my xfx radeon hd 4350 video card.I tried using the restricted driver option,rebooted the system the splash screen comes up.But the login screen stays black and keyboard doesn`t respond.I also tried installing the driver from ati useing the ubuntu doc and same thing.Is there a way to restore the orginal driver so i don`t have to keep reinstalling it.


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    Re: Need Help New To linux

    Follow the instructions in the link below to remove the ATI drivers and replace them with the open source drivers. That will at least give you a working desktop:

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    Angry Re: Need Help New To linux

    Ok i tried all that.But it went into low graphic mode so i spent hours trying to restore the default.I just got feed up with it so i reinstalled ubuntu.So my ? now is ,Is there a way to install the driver for my video card (xfx radeon hd4350) and does ubuntu support it.I read the ati website doc and it says it does.Then i read the link u posted and it says it use`s the 2d mode.I would like to use the 3d mode if possible.


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