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Thread: Very slow file operations... (nautilus, cp, mv, mc, etc.)

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    Question Very slow file operations... (nautilus, cp, mv, mc, etc.)

    i am having very slow file operations (mostly copying & moving), it doesn't matter what program i use, it's really really slow. i already tried using cp, mv, & mc. no dice.

    i already searched the net about this problem and there are too many solutions but nothing works for me.

    anyone else having the same issue? it's just too slow for me, please help. thanks!

    EDIT: these aren't small-sized files. each file is at least 350 mb, some are up to 1.5 gb.
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    Re: Very slow file operations... (nautilus, cp, mv, mc, etc.)

    I am having the same problem. It takes forever to move, copy, even to empty the trash. What can I do to speed this up? Am I entering the commands wrong or using the wrong utilities. My GUI File utilities are terribly slow. I haven't tried to much work with command line to tell if that is any faster, but I do know it is faster for me to copy over a set of compressed files and decompress them in the directory I want then to try to decompress the files and then move the resulting expanded files to the new directory. What gives?

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