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Thread: Karmic on an iBook

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    Karmic on an iBook

    I am familiar with installing Linux on various platforms, I've been doing so since I got my first Yggdrasil CD. But I'm having fits trying to install Xubuntu on an iBook G4.

    I found the PPC .iso file. I burned a DVD. I booted said DVD on my iBook. I get the PPC boot loader (Yaboot). I boot the live image. How do I login? I've tried the usual suspects: root/root, root/ubuntu, root/(blank).

    One suggestion I found was to burn the DVD on the slowest setting. Did that, didn't make any difference.

    My goal here is to permanently install Xubuntu 9.10 on my iBook as the only operating system.

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    Re: Karmic on an iBook

    Do you get to the xfce login or are you left with a full-screen terminal login prompt?
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