I apologise if this is an inappropriate place to put this information but as I could not find the information anywhere else I was keen it appear on the web somewhere.

I installed DAViCal using various sources of information onto a Hardy 8.04lts server. All seemed fine until I came to connect Lightning (Calendar add-on for Thunderbird) to the remote calendar (I am sure the same applies to Sunbird the stand-alone calendar client).

The sticking point was the address you have to put in location of the calendar. I could not find the correct address to enter. In the end with a bit of detective work and trial and error (a lot of error) the following worked:

The full instructions are:
  1. Select a New Calender... (File > New > Clender...); Click Next >.
  2. Selcet On the Netowork radio button.
  3. Select CalDAV radio button; Set Location to:
    Click Next >
  4. Set an appropriate Name for the calendar and Color; Click Next >.
  5. You should be asked for the calendar user name and password, so enter those.
  6. With any luck you should get a message "Your calender has been created; Click Finish.

Trouble shooting tip

To check if the user name and password is correct. Type the following url into your browser:
You will then be asked for a user name and password. If you can enter these correctly you will have access to the account details.

I have to repeat the installation process for another server. I will try an log everything I do and get that documented.

For now atb