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Thread: Simple Passwords/Key Help Needed?

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    Simple Passwords/Key Help Needed?

    How would I add a group like Passwords-Mail to my keyring?
    I looked over this:
    Applications > Accessories > Passwords and Encryption Keys
    ...which I think is called seahorse but but was not sure how to proceed, even after reading the docs twice.
    I would imagine this to be a very simple step by step process but I did not want to mess anything up.
    And, why would that group be missing?

    In other words, if anyone could walk me through this it would help.

    Evolution hangs/stalls/turns gray at this message:
    e-data-server-ui-Message: Unable to find password(s) in keyring (Keyring reports: No matching results)
    e-data-server-ui-Message: Key file does not have group 'Passwords-Mail'
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