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Thread: eee-control configuration

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    eee-control configuration


    I've just installed and set up eee-control 0.9.4 (the karmic version) on my Ubuntu 9.10 (vanilla) net book remix, Eee 900. It works, but my question involves configuration. Apparently, this program has features including overclocking and fan speed settings, but I don't know how to configure them. The eee-control-tray gui doesn't have those settings, and I can't figure out how to instruct the daemon. I found and edited /etc/eee-control.conf, which seems to affect the behavior of the daemon, but not the tray, but I'm not sure exactly how. I set the

    My eventual goal is to be able to easily switch between auto control on battery and maximum fan speed on outlert. (I don't care about noise; I want the computer to cool down).

    I'm an experienced windows user but relatively new to ubuntu.

    Never Mind. After a restart, it works..
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