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Thread: Aircrack -ng question

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    Question Aircrack -ng question

    So i have been planing to test my home network on how strong it was and found aircrack.
    Sounds pretty neat, but i have a problem.
    I found this tutorial:
    But is this only for wep keys?
    I have a random WPA2 key consisting of nummbers and letters.
    So is it possible to crack my network it also has a mac filter.
    Does anybody know a good tutorial?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Aircrack -ng question

    WEP is cracked using some inconvenient properties regarding the way the keystream is generated (that's way cracking WEP is only a matter of some minutes).

    Cracking WPA/WPA2 is much more sophisticated and takes more time and computation power (afaik the only possible way is an exhaustive key search = brute force).

    So if you're using WPA2 you can consider your WiFi-network to be secure.

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