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Thread: Howto: Build the newest version of Bluefish under Ubuntu

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    Howto: Build the newest version of Bluefish under Ubuntu

    This thread is closed.

    The information is now held on the community wiki at

    Thank you for your thread and the work you have done in keeping it current and of use to the community.

    A thread for discussion of the wiki can be found at

    Support threads regarding the wiki and it's content should be created in a suitable forum.

    In March Bluefish 2.2.2 was released. This mini-guide demonstrates how to build this version from source under the newest release version of Ubuntu and has been tested most recently under Oneiric Ocelot. First we need to remove the repository version if it has been installed:

    sudo apt-get remove bluefish
    Next download some compiling tools and dependencies:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall libart-2.0-dev libaspell-dev \
    libbonobo2-dev libbonoboui2-dev libgail-dev libgnome-keyring-dev libgnome2-dev \
    libgnomecanvas2-dev libgnomeui-dev libpcre3-dev libpcrecpp0 libpopt-dev \
    libgucharmap2-dev libenchant-dev intltool
    Next download the source code, open the tarball and compile and install it with the following single command:

    mkdir -pv $HOME/bluefish_build && cd $HOME/bluefish_build && \
    wget && \
    tar xjvf bluefish-2.2.2.tar.bz2 && cd bluefish-2.2.2 && \
    ./configure && make && \
    sudo checkinstall --fstrans=no --pakdir "$HOME/bluefish_build" --backup=no \
      --deldoc=yes --deldesc=yes --delspec=yes --default --pkgversion "2.2.2" && \
    make distclean
    And that is it! This gives you the newest version of this great editor. Please feel free to post any problems in this thread or even better any successes!

    Recent Updates to This Guide:

    • Mar 18 2012: Version bump to 2.2.2 and tested under 64bit Oneiric.
    • Jan 12 2012: Version bump to 2.2.1 and tested under 32bit Oneiric.
    • May 07 2011: Version bump to 2.0.3 and tested under 32bit Natty.
    • Sep 24 2010: Version bump to 2.0.2 and tested under 32bit Maverick.
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