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Thread: music recorded, composed, mixed and mastered in ubuntu

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    music recorded, composed, mixed and mastered in ubuntu

    this is a new release i have posted, it is ambient/techno/electronica with expiramental leanings. it is free to download/share/stream. i'm posting here to show an example of open source music, made on open source software. it was all done in ubuntu, with audacity (editing, recording, mixing, mastering), modplug tracker (run through wine for composition), and line6usb drivers for a recording interface.

    when i first installed linux i was very anxious about finding a new audio set-up to compose and record music by. it took me months to even figure out how to create an audio workstation out of ubuntu. after a year of using ubuntu for my musical projects i can say it is one of the fastest, most versatile OS's i've ever used for such purposes. between jack, ingen, modplug (for vst), and LADSPA i am able to generate any sound my mind could conceive.

    to give an example of the powerfulness of my setup; i prefer to build soft synth sounds module by module. starting with a simple wave generator i create a few seconds of sound. then via VST and LADSPA i am able to further sculpt the sound in nearly any manner imaginable. this is something that was too CPU intensive on my previous machines to be useful (it would easily cause system freezes or program crashes on win XP to do the same tasks).

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    Re: music recorded, composed, mixed and mastered in ubuntu

    You could utilize the real time kernel to aid in latency related tasks as well. I will give your music a go and tell you what I think. Rock on.

    Not bad, very ethereal sounding.
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    Re: music recorded, composed, mixed and mastered in ubuntu

    Have you tried ardour?

    I was looking into it but never tried it, my friend uses Pro Tools on a non-linux machine and this is supposed to be the linux alternative. If you try it out let me know how it is! (apparently you can even use windows VST plugins and it also has a large set of linux plugins) I believe ardour is already in the ubuntu repositories.
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