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Thread: win32codecs post jailing...

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    win32codecs post jailing...

    I don't get the win32codecs post jailing/locking all of a sudden.

    First the post broke no U.S. law and did not condone to break any laws. If you have a discussion if weed should be legal you don't break any laws. There have been many threads about laws, most have been placed in the backyard but not jailed.

    Also if you do a search on win32codecs there is 7 PAGES of threads talking, endorsing and help on how to install win32codecs. None have been jailed.

    I think my thread should have been moved to the backyard or I should have been advised on how to make my thread comply with the forum rules.

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    Re: win32codecs post jailing...

    To allow time to review this issue this thread will stay jailed. Forum management will look at this issue
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