Ok so heres the deal, I have been using ubuntu on my "Normal" PC's for quite a time now, no real problems, however, on my desktop i can't get it to run correctly at all, So here is a rundown on my setup.

Intel GMA 945GC and an 8600gt, On XP both the intel graphics drivers and the Nvidia drivers are installed and give me a flawless 3 monitor experience. I have a turtle beach riveria sound card with optical SPDIF output, Which i use for my surrond sound system which also works fine on XP. I cannot use any other outputs as i lack the necessary cable and doing so would noticeably degrade the sound quality.
As for the Misc spec they are

Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz HT
1.7 GB DDR2 533
160 GB HDD (WD i beleive CBA to check)
Turtle Beach Riveria Sound Card
MSI 8600gt 512 MB
DVD drive

Anyway if any of you could show me how to get these working without buying new hardware (Can't afford it) i would greatly appreciate it, And probably switch to ubuntu on my main PC since this has been holding me back for several years.

Anyway today has exhausted me and i will check back after a long period of unconscious.