Hey everyone. I've started a list of Linux Shows, Conferences and Conventions over at Raiden's Realm in an effort to centralize the long list of shows and conventions scattered all over the internet. For those of you who know about how animecons.com centralizes all Anime convention listings for the Anime community, I'm hoping to do the same thing for the Linux community. However, despite all I do, I can't know everything or do everything.

I'll eventually be adding an edit function to allow readers to edit the page wiki style, but for now it's admin only edit as the feature is still new. Anywho, here's the link to the page for the convention list: http://www.raiden.net/shows/

I hope you guys find the list useful, and if you know anything that might help keep the list current, I know I and the new owner of RR (I passed the site onto a new owner recently FYI) would really appreciate it. Thanks.

PS: The list has over 30 different shows, and I'm hoping we can add at least another dozen more that may not be known about. The list of shows ranges from Linux User all the way up to Linux Developer and Corporate/IT type events. They're also sorted by region. More features will be added in time, but for now what's there is all that's gonna be available for a bit. Feature suggestions are also welcome, plus I hope that you guys can make good use of the list. I built it just before passing on ownership of the Realm to help the Linux community and all of its members. It's one of my little ways of giving back to the community.