I have an Ubuntu 9.04 server in a classroom with 16 LTSP thin clients. Up to this point it has been operating basically with the default apps. I have to add an ooBase database client that is used by students to access the library card catalog database server (on a remote database server in the school library). The database client uses macros in some of its forms. I would like students to be able to click on a desktop shortcut and/or an app on the Application dropdown menu to launch the client.

As a user with administrative access, I copied the .odb file to my desktop and launched it. Although I can access the database server, the forms don't work because the macros are missing. It looks like I need help in doing three things: 1. putting the database client on the Ubuntu server in a way that all users can access it, 2. making the desktop shortcut and/or app on the Application menu available for all users, and 3. getting the macros to work for all users.

I searched the OpenOffice forums and the Ubuntu forums and as much documentation as I could find, but probably didn't know exactly what key words to search for because I didn't come up with anything that helped. Maybe this forum isn't even the best place to get the information I need.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.