Hello Forum!

I have a bit of a problem. I have a Belkin Share Max N300 wireless router that is seriously misbehaving. For the most part it works fine. However, there are times when for no reason at all, it will drop the connection to both computers and requires a reset. Once it's reset it will work fine for a day or two then drop out. I am not sure why this is. To make matters all the more headache inducing, when I try to access the router's HTML interface at http://router or (which Belkin says to do) the page is BLANK. Nothing comes up. This was not always the problem. When I first got the router a couple months back, I had a few minor problems that were the result of my not knowing how to operate it properly. Once I learned how it worked, it ran just fine for a long time. The setup page never had a problem coming up. This router served two laptops both running Maverick Meerkat 64-bit and never really had any problems. Then one night we had a thunderstorm and our power got knocked out. The router lost all of the settings I had. That's when the setup page stopped loading. The router was running fine except on Tuesdays it would require a restart. This is because this router has a "self-healing" procedure that is scheduled for Tuesdays, and doesn't seem to do anything other than bring down my internet connection. A reset, (i.e. I unplug the adapter from the wall and the router for at least 2 minutes, and shut down the computers then power it all up again) solves the problem, but I cannot access the router's configuration page to fix anything.

Currently the router is wired to my brother's Windows 7 desktop, as well as providing wi-fi for my Ubuntu laptop. I have tried accessing the router's setup page from within Windows 7 only to have the same blank page. I have reset it to it's factory default with the reset button on the back of it, with no luck. I even tried the setup CD that came with it on Win 7 and still nothing. This router is still under a 1-year replacement plan, I have been thinking about taking it back to the store and exchanging it if I can't get the issue resolved.

I am MORE than happy to provide any and all details, command output, log files, etc. Just tell me what you need, (and how to get it) and I will GLADLY provide it.

Thanks to all in advance.