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Thread: hwo to use more RAM in 9.10

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    Re: hwo to use more RAM in 9.10

    ok you can do this 2 ways
    open a terminal type ( gstreamer-properties ) click enter
    click video set the plugin to..x window system (no xv)
    you did save what it was set to so you can set it back if this does not help

    up top is click, system, preferences , multimedia systems selector
    same window pops up as gstreamer-properties do as i said

    am all most positive you need to restart the computer before you see it work

    try the effects lets see some feed back

    this all comes from the cheese help faq's

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    Lightbulb Re: hwo to use more RAM in 9.10

    Quote Originally Posted by egalvan View Post
    Yes, you are wrong...

    Linux is Not Windows...

    You need to do your research before you start preaching.

    32 bit OS's of all flavors have limitations that mean that they cannot use the entire 4GB for the OS itself. A significant portion of the RAM space below 4GB is dedicated to devices (like graphics cards, I/O devices, etc.). Since a 32 bit OS can only address 4GB of total address space, and some is used by devices.... you don't get 4GB for your OS (Windows, Linux, whatever).

    So get down off your high horse.
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