@Sef, 2hot6ft2: Thanks! More excellent suggestions.

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Could I suggest the addition of "Don't add unnecessary drama", with the reason being that it turns support requests into debates or flame wars?
In my experience, this is rarely from people who are asking the questions. That's more of an issue about forum policy than asking questions.

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Great idea. It is my opinion that it is rarely necessary to quote posts in their entirety when responding [the sheer volume of some threads can be off-putting] - so I would recommend only quoting what is relevant with multiple short quotes as and when necessary.

I would suggest that this thread be closed soon with only the thread opener (as updated from time to time] remaining as a sticky - otherwise this thread will soon acquire hundreds of posts. A suggestion link might appear at the end of the sticky to direct suggestions to a new thread in the main body.

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I'm not really sure about your first suggestion. This article is about asking your support questions than responding to them

I love your second suggestions though. That way this thread could be organized in the same way as http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5004671