TY for the replies both of you. It would appear at times that its the Network administrator thats doing the back door thing!...Noone seems to know who this is...and is presumed to be the person who set it up in the first place...which would have been BT. (at a guess)...since everyone else subs off British Telecom...I dont see how they can not do link local in rural areas really)....yes I can log on and change the settings and have put a password on that theoretically would take 650 years to crack (lol)...I personally think that there are several factors contributing to my demise and not just one...and more than just one sad person out there messing with my PC....So far we have HP Development services..Windows Development...Nosey Neighbours..Kids with gismos having fun...Insecure systems.Assorted mischeif makers &.Governmental spies from every corner of the earth ( I once had the government of Korea pay me a visit) ( I mean what does the Gov of Korea want in an old ladies laptop FGS! lol)...I also think that until I move home to get a direct line to the exchange and get a handbuilt PC with the power of Nasa and a lot more know how then not a lot is going to change...I cant do much about many of these factors but I can and will track down my friendly neighbourhood hacker (must remember...vengeance is mine saith the lord!) lol