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Thread: How do I explain OpenPGP signatures and encryption

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    Re: Don't Bother Using Them

    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin Guy View Post
    As I understand it; the only real reason to use PGP Emails is if you don't trust your Email server, or if you are transferring very sensitive information (e.g. bank details).
    I'm using it more for the signatures than anything. Just something to say "This message is _definitely_ from original_jamingrit". But I would like to be using it for encrypting e-mails that have financial info as well.

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    Talking Re: How do I explain OpenPGP signatures and encryption

    Quote Originally Posted by original_jamingrit View Post
    That's either a terrible or an awesome idea. I'm just not sure which. I guess you'd want to use some heavy duty encryption for that. It might be better than burying a USB stick in your backyard, where a dog could dig it up.
    I just use common sense...
    but nowadays is not so common

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