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Thread: Toshiba fan not working

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    Re: Toshiba fan not working

    Quote Originally Posted by dresnu View Post
    This solved it for me on a 64-bit installation too.

    5 thumbs for you. Good job. It works just fine.
    I thought my fan is non stop running. Finally it stopped when temperature gets low.

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    Re: Toshiba fan not working

    This thread is old, and took awhile to find, but I am quite new, and it was worth the hunt.

    Ashima THANKS your solution helped me, I may have had to give up otherwise.

    My laptop is not a toshiba, but an acer 5315, and I'm not ubuntu, but mint 9.

    Funny the same distro worked fine on my acer netbook and not on this my main computer. Anyway it is fixed now, and running at about 55 degrees C. Cool !

    This is just about the last part of my linux puzzle. Except to download, and try a video editor. Then more ! Time to make a donation.

    PS, my first post on this forum, Nixie pixel says it's the best.


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    Re: Toshiba fan not working

    I typed sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

    Command not found.

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