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Thread: Custom Compiz color filter

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    Post Re: Custom Compiz color filter

    Hi! Unfortunately it is impossible to use this filter in Ubuntu 13.04 at all. So 13.04 unusable for professional[1] use. So i agree i need to fall back, or find other distro. When selecting Ubuntu for fallback, i take look at 10.04, it is one of latest which are truly professional[1], and latest professional with LTS. (I also try Xubuntu, etc). There is no any problem with color filtering in 10.04.

    I also develop final version of filter: Now it has absolutely correct colors when inverted.
    TEMP temp, neg, YPbPr;
    TEX temp, fragment.texcoord[0], texture[0], RECT;
    RCP neg.a, temp.a;
    MAD temp.rgb, -neg.a, temp, 1.0;
    MUL temp.rgb, temp.a, temp;
    MUL temp, fragment.color, temp;
    DP3 YPbPr.x, temp, {0.333, 0.333, 0.333, 1};
    SUB YPbPr.y, YPbPr.x, temp.b;
    SUB YPbPr.z, YPbPr.x, temp.r;
    ADD temp.r, YPbPr.x, YPbPr.z; 
    ADD temp.b, YPbPr.x, YPbPr.y;
    SUB temp.g, YPbPr.x, YPbPr.z; 
    SUB temp.g, temp.g, YPbPr.y;
    MOV result.color, temp;
    # DO NOT MOVE LINE #2 (TEMP...) below, i.e. do not insert comments before it!
    # do not insert comments before 'END' token: SOMETIMES not work!
    # replace file /usr/share/compiz/filters/negative with this file.
    #  Color filter: negative, but preserve colours. Tested on Ubuntu LTS 10.04.
    # compiled from [1], [2] by,
    # [1]
    # [2]
    # add to line 15:  MUL temp.b, 0.5, temp.b;  - for warm/melatonine colors, or 
    #  MUL temp.g, 0.5, temp.g;  - for cold colors.
    [1] Professional - means here: Intended to use many hours a day without eye damage.

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    Re: Custom Compiz color filter


    Just what the doctor ordered!



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    Re: Custom Compiz color filter

    I have found another (less extreme) alternative to the color filter: f.lux
    It makes the screen warmer at sunset and back to normal at sunrise, attempting to keep your sleep pattern "normal."
    Hope it is useful.

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    Re: Custom Compiz color filter

    I'm new. In jan 2015, I don't find the Color Filter plugin on the Compiz Configuration Manager.
    How do I install it ?

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    Re: Custom Compiz color filter

    As Unity is a plugin for compiz, Canonical has taken over the development of compiz
    and some plugins are unsupported and cease to function as compiz develops.

    You can install the compiz-plugins unsupported plugins package
    but this does not include a Color Filter plugin.
    There is a negative plugin to toggle windows negative as in pic.
    Some of the plugins provided by compiz-plugins are cube, firepaint, opacify, scaleaddon.
    Most of these still work.
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