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Thread: installing googsystray

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    Angry installing googsystray

    hi im really new to Linux, i'm using jolicloud but as i understand it the base is Ubuntu. I have been trying to install googsystray and its compressed as a tar. I have fallowed the instructions shown below but to no result.

    Dependency: Python 2.6
    Dependency: Pygtk 2.14
    Download and untar the .tar.gz source archive.
    'sudo python ./ install'"

    i am probably doing something wrong. Here's how i've interpret it: i checked in synaptic for python 2.6 and is installed, i checked for pygtk but could not find it...i read somewhere that it's part of the python(pls correct if i'm wrong and i would really apreciate a way to install if that's the problem), so i downloaded the file and it was stored under downloads, i then right clicked and pressed extract(so now i have extracted folder under downloads) and finally i opened the terminal and typed 'sudo python ./ install' and i get an output of "python: can't open file './': [Errno 2] No such file or directory"??? so then i read on another page that i needed to "navigate to the folder where you have extracted Googsystray" but did not explain wt that meant or how to do it.. so i just typed this in the terminal "/home/jolicloud/Downloads" and then 'sudo python ./ install' to the same result so then i tried "/home/jolicloud/Downloads/googsystray-1.1.4" which resulted in the same thing...i will really apreciate help wh this, tnx

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    Re: installing googsystray

    there's a .deb file for googsystray. You can dowload it here
    Much easier to install if your system is based on ubuntu.By the way jolicloud looks quite nice .
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    Talking Re: installing googsystray

    OMG tnx so much! this completly fixed. And yes it's really nice. I have an asus 1005pe and was using eeebuntu on it, but decided to give jolicloud a try and i'm quite pleased lol but again tnx for your help. lol would of never gotten such a fast answer from microsoft haha oh! now that i know i should go for deb extensions i found the lates version googsystray, the link is here for anyone that may need it

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