How do gang, I've done a bit of searching and cannot find anything that is the same as what's going on with me.

I'm relatively new to Ubuntu and Linux in general so here goes:

1st off i must point out I'm running a X1650 XT with the ATI proprietary drivers on Ubuntu 8.10.

I installed Unbuntu as normal enabled my drivers and expanded my desktop onto second monitor, i then moved a desktop icon on to second display and boomf black screen with random console output, Ctrl Alt Del produced message "stopping gnome display manager...." and then pc shut down. It then proceded to crash after each log in (i could see desktop but as soon as icons were loaded i got the same crash as before).

I logged onto a failsafe terminal and removed the offending icon from the second screen, logged back in and everything is happy again.

I then added panels to 2nd monitor and that was again fine, i was even able to move icon onto the second desktop, no bizarre.

I came to log in today and low and behold crash on log in, luckily i could see the 3 offending icons just before it crashed so I've been able to remove them again and everything is happy again.

Does anyone know how or why this happens and how to avoid it? (apart form not using second display for icons)

I haven't a clue what kind of log files or additional info is required, please feel free to ask, you just might need to tell me how to find it!