Hi, everyone. I'm hoping that I'm just missing something simple that someone could point out to me: I recently downloaded and installed Avant Window Navigator (v3.2.1-4unbuntu1). It is a fun app, but I've noticed an odd behavior. When I minimize all my windows (control + alt + d), it also minimizes AWN such that it sits partially behind my task bar at the bottom of the screen. I want AWN to reside on the desktop, but just above the bottom task bar so that I can access it when I minimize all my windows. I looked in the AWN options for an offset feature that would just bump it up X pixels from the bottom of my screen, but I haven't found anything. The two relevant "Bar Behavior" options I have enabled at the moment are:

  • Auto hide bar when not in use

  • Keep below maximized windows when not in use

I'd really like to continue to use my minimize all windows functionality... I recently migrated from Windows XP and I've always used that "minimize all windows" function quite a bit. Is "show desktop" a different function than "minimize all windows"?

Thank you for your time!