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Thread: Setting iwconfig speed automatically

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    Setting iwconfig speed automatically

    hello. TIA for any and all assistance, guidance and blessings.

    i've had problems with a laptops wireless card (using 8.04). i can connect to my network but only at 1mpbs. so, searching through the forums, i found a post that said to issue this command:

    sudo iwconfig wlan1 rate 11M
    and that seemed to solve my problem, temporarily.

    now i'm growing tiresome of doing disabling wireless, issuing the command, and then bringing the wireless card back up. is there a way i can do this automatically upon boot?

    i checked out my interfaces file, but it only has the loopback setting in there.

    i'm also not confident that creating a script to:
    iwconfig wlan1 down
    sudo iwconfig wlan1 rate 11M
    iwconfig wlan1 up
    would work.

    is there a config file somewhere that i can set the rate of the wireless card manually?

    thanks a ton.

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    Re: Setting iwconfig speed automatically

    Hi OmahaVike,

    The solutions I have found to be easiest to implement (& had to just dig-out following a router reconfiguration!) can be found here :

    Despite my contradicting post on that thread, I prefer the option under last post, courtesy of cc_humbry

    Following that suggestion, my rc.local file simply looks like this:

    # By default this script does nothing.
    iwconfig wlan1 rate 54M
    exit 0

    and this works for me!

    Good luck.

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    Re: Setting iwconfig speed automatically

    the thought never occurred to me.

    worked like a charm.


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