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Thread: Dead NIC?

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    Dead NIC?

    I transfered my music library to an older computer of mine, which is running Hardy 8.04.1, before I upgraded my better computer. Now I wanted to move it back using a crossover cable, so I linked them up, setup XP as the host ( and Hardy as They were pinging fine and everything, but when I started the transfer of my music folder in the form of a tarball over FTP, it started just fine and just stopped. I tried pinging one another, and it wasn't working. I reboot both and it still wouldn't work, and on the Ubuntu machine, there isn't even any ethX network devices listed! The network card was older, and I suppose it is possible it just crapped out, but would that really happen just like that?

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    Re: Dead NIC?

    Sounds like it could have happened. You can check sudo lshw -C network - but it sounds like you've already confirmed problem...
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