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Thread: use Xubuntu splash in Ubuntu usplash?

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    use Xubuntu splash in Ubuntu usplash?

    I installed ubuntu 9.10, then installed xubuntu desktop. In xubuntu there is a cute splash screen with a mouse running []. It runs between the login screen and the xubuntu desktop. I found the file in /usr/lib/xfce4/splash/engines/
    [along with another file: libxubuntu.a]
    In gnome desktop i used the program startupmanager to set as the usplash screen that runs between grub and the xsplash screen; however it did not work. [it showed a box with some colours and some shapes, a bit like a colour options screen on a monitor]

    So, i wonder, does anyone know a) why it doesn't work and b) how i might get it to work
    [because it is soo cute!]

    i suspect that although the xubuntu splash, and usplash files are both .so files, they are infact different types of .so files? [since they run at different times, and the xubuntu splash has a .a file too?

    Thanks thanks thanks to anybody who knows about these things

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    Re: use Xubuntu splash in Ubuntu usplash?

    actually, I have tried a few more downloaded usplash screens and they all act the same. only the original ubuntu and xubuntu screens behave appropriately.
    [usplash-theme-ubuntu and usplash-theme-xubuntu]

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