Background: My school uses a program called Clean Access Agent to manage who is able to connect to the internet at my school on Windows and Mac computers. However the program does not run on Linux distributions, so they just let linux users sign in with thier university user name and password, agree that you have anti virus software installed, then you have access.

My problem is that occasionally, I am unable to load pages or ping sites from the terminal. My hypothesis is that I occasionally lose wireless signal completely, but so quickly that it does not register with the GUI representation of signal. It seems that in some areas it never happens, and others it happens often. I do not know where the wireless routers are so I can not be sure. Also, if i disconnect and reconnect to the wireless network, it works again. That is why I think that the signal weakness in areas is the problem.

Does anyone have any other ideas? And does anyone know how to set my wireless to refresh the wireless connection without having to disconnect and reconnect? Maybe some command I can just run in the terminal real quickly. Using the GUI is a little annoying.

Thanks in advance for your help!