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Thread: Luks-Lvm Partition Gone

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    Exclamation Luks-Lvm Partition Gone

    Here is my Setup:

    /dev/sda 160 Gb
    /dev/sdb 1 Tb
    /dev/sdc 1.5 Tb
    /dev/sdd 1.5 Tb
    /dev/sde 200 Gb

    /sda1 154 Gb Ext4 (/ /boot etc)
    /sda5 6 Gb Swap
    /sdb1 1 Tb LUKS -> mapped to /mapper/sdb1_crypted
    /sdc1 (Should be) 1.5 Tb LUKS -> mapped to /mapper/sdc1_crypted
    /sdd1 1.5 LUKS -> mapped to /mapper/sdd1_crypted
    /sde1 200 Gb LUKS -> mapped to /mapper/sde1_crypted


    /storage/home 180 Gb Ext4
    /storage/Fatty [theRest] Gb Ext4

    Ok, so i had a uncrypted LVM Group with all drives in them, but since my company has started to handle more sensitive data I decided to chage to a LUKS-LVM solution instead.

    Here how i did it.
    1. I started to remove all uncesseary data from the old LVM.

    2. After i cleaned up enough space I removed one of the drives from LVM,

    4. Random data write and created an partition (unformated).

    5. Cryptsetup luksFormat

    6. Added it back to the LVM with pv create.

    7. I created a new LV group an added the new crypted pv.

    8. Formated it as Ext4.

    No problem there worked at like a charm. I repeated the task for all drives, but instead creating a new LV i extended it and instad of removing data i moved over to the crypted LV.

    All drives was scrambled,crypted and added to the LVM, and I know it all worked (i trippelchecked like four times (yeah thats 3*4 ;P))..

    ..until i had to reboot, for some reason the LV never got mounted.
    Ok i probly added the wrong key file in crypttab. But no there was the right one.
    That when i realised that the system hadn't found my /dev/sdc1 partion, a 1.5 Tb crypted partion that is gone.
    I tried to reboot, but no the partition didn't show up.

    Guys, I'm in panic mode.. what to do?

    It's almost 4Tb of data gone....

    I'm doing a Testdiskt atm, hope it will tell me something.
    Got a message about
    "Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55."

    I've google it but what i can tell that errormessage is about a broken MBR on FAT partitions....

    Please Help!

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    Talking Re: Luks-Lvm Partition Gone

    Oboy what a lucky guy I am.

    By folowing this guide:

    I was hoping to save some of the files from the LV
    I reformated the sdc drive as a Luks.. added it to the pv with the same UUID as the lost drive.
    Did a vgscan
    and a filesystem check on the LV



    EVERYTHING was back!

    Omygood i'm a happy camper now ;P


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