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Thread: X server 3 monitors

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    X server 3 monitors

    Hello and good evening.

    I have this question:
    I have a PC with 2 GPUs.
    - An onboard Intel (something like GMA945).
    - An nvidia fx5200 on a PCI slot (not PCI-E).

    Now, after hacking the xorg.conf file a bit I was able to set the nvidia monitors exactly the way I wanted, however, the intel monitor is in deep slumber ever since I boot my pc up (before xorg.conf is read). Now, It is possible to use all the 3 monitors at once, as I've been doing it on my windows set up with no problems (Intel monitor is inactive until windows kicks in).

    Is there any xorg.conf file I can refer to to get it working?

    Thanks in advance, Dima.

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    Re: X server 3 monitors


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