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Thread: Kdevelop 4 Tutorial (Would be nice)

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    Post Kdevelop 4 Tutorial (Would be nice)

    Good day all.
    Im still relativly new to linux but not completly new to programing. I would however like to broaden my horizons by learniing to code in C++. THis i have taken the first steps by writing some sample applications (console based) while reading tutorials. As nice as this is (snicker) none of my clients are ever really going to want a console app. People Love GUI's

    So i thought i would try and find the best c++ IDE suit. Consering im using Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic And doing some reading i found that kdevelop should be able to do what i want. So over to the package manager i go and download kdevelop.

    I open it up and looks nothing like any tutorial i can find. So after some reading and a hell of alot of googling i find out that the version that i have just downloaded is kdevelop 4. Awsome i thought newer than 3.5. So will need a slight more learing curve over the 3.5 tutorial (Im not dumb i thought to myself i can figure it out) I was Sooooooooo wrong.

    kdevelop is a complete rewrite using cmake not qmake. Not thtat this means anything to me (im still learning and now apperently dumb aswell). but accoring to the other stuff i read it is a big change.

    So off i went with some more googling (Google is my friend) I found out that kdevelop4 is a beta release and i cand find any documentation on learning it (BASHING head on tale carefull not to smash expensive laptop)

    So i tho0ught im stuffed (I was smart this time) I then tried to find a why to install kdevelop 3.5 on karmic. i found a way. So at this point i tried my first tutorial. I got as far as opening the files. then when i tried to build the app it gave me a automake 1.6 or higher error. (More head Bashing). So off went 3.5 and 4 went back on.

    So what i would like is if someone would be willing to help me write a basic tutorial (For Dummies = me)

    What it would need to cover is (all the below would need to be step by step) :

    1) Create your first Project (Files).
    2) Creating Your First Gui Hello world
    Might be nice if using KDE and QT. as if im correct qt can then be ported to mac and windows
    2.1) Creating your form
    2.2) adding a button
    2.3) adding a label
    2.4) Adding a function to the button.
    The fuction should display hello world in the label)

    3) Further Help
    3.1) Opening additioinal Forms And linking them
    3.2) Perhaps some links to addidtion info regarding C++ Functions

    4) Working with data (Every app needs this at some point)
    4.1) Create a database (I can do this no prob)
    4.1.1) Install Mysql
    4.1.2) Setup Mysql
    4.1.3) Create demo table and insert some demo data

    4.2) Data Maniplulation (I can write the queries for the demo data, we just need someone to give me the code to access the mysql table)
    4.2.1) Get data from database
    4.2.2) Insert Data
    4.2.3) Edit Data

    Im sure once someone can do this with kdevelop 4 they will be able to make further advancements on ones own.
    Considering im learning C++ At the same time i will most likly write some howto's and more tutorialas as i progress.

    Would someone be interested in helping me to this.
    please comment below

    Donovan Hoare

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    Re: Kdevelop 4 Tutorial (Would be nice)

    I would be very interested in the above Tutorial too. If anyone finds one, please let us know.


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    Re: Kdevelop 4 Tutorial (Would be nice)


    I also need tutorial for this...please reply if some one knows about it.


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    Re: Kdevelop 4 Tutorial (Would be nice)

    I need a tutorial for this too. A really large and in depth one. It doesn't cover how to use CMake or any of the features yet..

    Not to mention debugging, I can't figure out how to change variable values when debugging, I NEED to do it, otherwise I can't debug my program at certain times.

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    Re: Kdevelop 4 Tutorial (Would be nice)

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